Mindfulness Coaching and Mentoring

Have you ever wondered how to apply mindfulness practices to the actual circumstances of your own life? Perhaps you are a graduate of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction  (MBSR) course and have found it difficult to sustain your home practice or still have questions you didn’t ask in class because you didn’t want to take up too much time?

Sometimes it is helpful to get some one on one guidance. Whether you are feeling the pull toward starting a mindfulness practice or already have a practice that has grown a bit stale, one-on-one coaching can be enriching. Mindfulness coaching is for anyone who is experiencing a sense of stuckness, lethargy or blockage in their life and is genuinely ready to breathe some life into the system.

As an experienced mindfulness teacher, meditation practitioner and long time resident of the healing profession of medicine, I meet others where the rubber meets the road of their lives. As a deep sea diver of the soul, I am passionate about what makes us whole, or more accurately, removing the obstacles that prevent us from experiencing our own wholeness.  See my coaching credentials here.

As your coach, I will help identify and guide you in practices and inquiry that will meet you where you are and help propel you into a greater sense of connection to your self and your life’s true purpose. 

You can start with a free 20-minute Discovery Conversation for each of us to see if we are a good fit.

I’m ready when you are!